Mobyk 10’6” All round Paddle (palm design)

Empfohlen für: 100 kg Paddler, die ihre ersten SUP-Paddelschläge machen möchten, leichtes SUP, ein wenig SUP-Surfen und sogar ein bisschen SUP-Yoga ausprobieren möchten – das All Round 10’6 ist unglaublich vielseitig und vereint perfekt alle Eigenschaften, die man für das erste Paddelerlebnis benötigt.


  • Länge 10’6”
  • Breite 32”
  • Dicke 6”
  • Volumen 315 Liter
  • Rider-Gewicht bis zu 100 kg
  • Gewicht 8,5 kg
  • Außenmaterial: Seitlich am besten 0,55+0,9 mm
    Plato PVC-Plane (Doppelschichttechnik)


Artikelnummer: MBK21SUPP106 Kategorie:


  • Board
  • Fiber glass Shaft m Paddle
  • Quick Release Mobyk Fin
  • Mobyk Coiled Leash
  • High-Pressure dual action SUPer hand pump
  • Wheeled Backpack
  • Waterproof phone case
  • Repair kit
  • High pressure valve.
  • Max pressure 25 PSI.
  • Recommended pressure 18 PSI.
  • Mobyk foldable fin box.
  • 2x comfort carry handles.
  • 2x VELCRO
  • STRAPS for the paddle
  • 1 x on the underside of nose for towing.
  • 1 x one the tail for leash.
  • 8 x on deck for loading kit.
  • 4 x on deck for CARRIE SYSTEM kit.
  • 4 x on deck for SEAT kit


  • MOBYK SUPs traction pad.
  • Mobyk Kick Tail (MKT).
  • 2 year warranty.
  • Military grade PVC.
  • 50 PSI drop stitch material.
  • Mobyk Fusion Technology (MFT)

Good for:
Paddlers from 100-105kg wanting to take their first paddle strokes in SUP, do light SUP touring, try some SUP surfing and even a bit of SUP Yoga – the All Round 10’6 is incredibly versatile, perfectly balancing all the characteristics you need in your first board.
The 10’6 is the most popular in the All Round range.

This board allows riders of 100-105kg to learn to SUP, go for social paddles, try a little bit of light touring, catch your first SUP surfing waves and even try SUP Yoga! The All Round 10’6 perfectly balances length, width and outline shape for the best performance for the majority of paddlers. Manufactured from Shark Fusion Technology (SFT), the optimum balance of weight and durability.

The 10’6 All Round also features the Shark Kick Tail (SKT) helping you to develop the step back turn technique and board handling in the sur

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