Mobyk 11’8” Touring Paddle (palm design)

Recommended For: Perfect for paddle adventures in calm waters. Its stable and lightweight design facilitates long journeys, while its durable construction ensures optimal performance. Ideal for exploring lakes, rivers, and coastlines with comfort and safety.


  • Length 11’8”
  • Width 30”
  • Thickness 6”
  • Volume 327 litros
  • Rider weight up to 100 kg
  • Weight 9.1kg
  • Outside material: Side by best 0.55+0.9mm
    Plato pvc tarp (double layer technic)


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  • Board
  • Fiber glass Shaft m Paddle
  • Quick Release Mobyk Fin
  • Mobyk Coiled Leash
  • High-Pressure dual action SUPer hand pump
  • Wheeled Backpack
  • Waterproof phone case
  • Repair kit
  • High pressure valve.
  • Max pressure 25 PSI.
  • Recommended pressure 18 PSI.
  • Mobyk foldable fin box.
  • 2x comfort carry handles.
  • 2x VELCRO
  • STRAPS for the paddle
  • 1 x on the underside of nose for towing.
  • 1 x one the tail for leash.
  • 8 x on deck for loading kit.
  • 4 x on deck for CARRIE SYSTEM kit.
  • 4 x on deck for SEAT kit


  • MOBYK SUPs traction pad.
  • Mobyk Kick Tail (MKT).
  • 2 year warranty.
  • Military grade PVC.
  • 50 PSI drop stitch material.
  • Mobyk Fusion Technology (MFT)

Good for:
The Mobyk Softboards 11’8” Touring Paddle is the ideal choice for water explorers seeking extensive adventures in calm waters. With its stable and lightweight design, it facilitates long and enjoyable journeys, ensuring optimal performance thanks to its durable construction. Perfect for those looking to explore lakes, rivers, and coastlines with comfort and safety, it offers an exceptional and versatile paddling experience.

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