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Remo Mobyk Paddle SUP Carbon 170-210

The Mobyk Carbon paddle offers optimal durability and performance for your water adventures.

Lightweight and durable, this paddle provides the necessary strength for enjoying long journeys in calm waters. Perfect for paddlers of all levels seeking quality and comfort with every stroke.

  • 3-piece SUP paddle with ergonomic oval shaft.
  • Adjustable in 2 cm increments from 170-210 cm.
  • Handle: PVC
  • Shaft: Carbon
  • Blade: Carbon


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The Mobyk Carbon is the ideal choice for those seeking quality and performance in their water adventures.

Adjustable in 2 cm increments from 170 – 210 cm. The blade is made of durable polycarbonate.

Constructed with sturdy and lightweight Carbon, this paddle offers durability and ease of handling with every stroke. Its ergonomic and adjustable design allows comfortable adaptation to different users and paddling styles, ensuring a pleasant experience in calm waters and moderate conditions. Ideal for beginners and enthusiasts looking to explore lakes, rivers, and coastlines with comfort and confidence.

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